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  Waterproofing on Lagging
  Subterranean Drainage
  CMU Wall
  Parking Lots (Poly coat)
  Parking Lots (Urethane)
  Slab waterproofing

  Under Slap waterproofing

  Sheet Metal
  Negative Waterproofing
  Under Tile Waterproofing

Parking Lot

Towne Wholesale Mart Project (Downtown L.A.)
All concrete slabs crack over time. When a slab loses volume like moisture, there is a resistance to movement, tensional forces can develop over time within concrete can cause cracks. Temperature charge makes slab to contract & expand that can also cause cracks that lead to water-damage. Understanding the common knowledges of the mechanism of cracks, a contractor should carefully select the right materials & procedures when it comes to reliable waterproofing methods.